The Bridge: Kaua'i to College

Free guidance and support for Kaua'i kids who want to go to college

2016 Mentoring Pairs

Here are some of us at our 2016 Gaylord's Gala Fundraiser--from left to right:

Kaci Manion, a doctor with the specific chiropractic care, specializes in helping raise community health through neurological care;

and Helena Huffman, class of 2018, Kaua'i High, plans to attend a Christian college on the West Coast and to major in business.

Bronwyn Kay, class of 2017, Kaua'i High, active in music, sports, and clubs, seeks a degree in environmental studies and/or engineering;

and Tory O'Malley, mother of four and grandmother of three, is a massage therapist and officiates at weddings, vow renewals, and blessings.

Susan Davis, in white, is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Omao and founder and director of The Bridge.

Dan Abadilla, retired as a public servant in federal, state, and county governments, now thrives as a substitute teacher and community project chair;

and Maria Victoria Cristobal, class of 2019, Waimea High, from the Philippine Islands, will be the first in her family to attend an American college.

Marlena Lang, class of 2018, Kaua'i High, seeks a college on the West Coast to pursue a career in broadcast journalism and communications;

and Kristi Sumida, with the microphone, born and raised on Kaua'i, has a B.S. in Criminal Justice and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology.