The Bridge: Kaua'i to College

Free guidance and support for Kaua'i kids who want to go to college

Earn and Save

You can begin right now to earn and save money to fund your college dream.


  --get a job by looking at craigslist, talking to friends and family, walking into shops or restaurants or boat companies or offices, placing an ad in other words, asking.

Some tips: go in person

get the application done cleanly and submitted quickly

follow up--go in, call, email--but follow up. It shows you care and can!

dress for success, in other words, clean and well-groomed with nice-looking clothes and not too much skin

research a little bit about the company--just go on-line--especially before an interview

Why these tips? You are right. It's obvious!! Be the person you would hire: reliable, ready, and responsible.

--establish a college savings account...go to the bank with your first deposit and ask them to set it up. Easy!

You can do it!

The Bridge: Kaua’i to College, 8/2016